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Sounds Across Oceans

Exploring the multidimensional capacity of music and the arts to create and share new ideas, uplift, heal, shift energies and ignite new perspectives.

Our Festivals

What We Do

Bringing Worlds Together Through Music And The Arts

Sounds Across Oceans is a new arts organisation established by composer/educator Dr. Anthony Garcia to explore and promote a more holistic vision of music and the arts, and its role in society. Through innovative education programs, workshops, presentations and performances that focus on collaboration, improvisation and experimentation SAO builds bridges between genres, cultures and communities.

Inclusivity Through Music

Everyone, no matter what your background, instrument or age will find their musical voice through the SAO experience.

Connectedness Through Music

Through our programs we offer pathways for you to connect, to yourself, to your community and to others.

Fostering A Healthy Society

Music-making and musical improvisation in particular have been proven to light up more regions of the brain than any activity.

Creating New Musical Pathways

Learning to improvise and build ideas by responding to our surrounds, to our feelings and interactions—through collaborative exploration—is fun, educational and inspires new ways to make music.

Cross Cultural Awareness

The SAO vision is ‘one world one music’. Discover how music can unite so the sounds of many different cultures can merge to create a new global harmony.

Music In You

We have all heard the expression “Don’t die with the music in you”. SAO brings you a relaxed and caring environment where you can explore the inner you.

Our Festivals & Programs

Jade Logo | Sounds Across Oceans

Sat 4 May ’24

JADE Ensemble and ZÖJ


BrisAsia Festival


Creative Fusions

What’s On


Sounds Of Chow Gar Hero Option 1 | Sounds Across Oceans

Sounds of Chow Gar

Performing ArtsFri 16 Feb '24BrisAsia Festival Logo
The Shape Of Us Hero Banner | Sounds Across Oceans

The Shape of Us

Performing Arts | Live PerformanceTue 6 - Fri 9 Feb '24BrisAsia Festival Logo
Ssbn Hero 1 1290x775 Row Of Cars | Sounds Across Oceans

Southside by Night

Street FestivalFri 16 Feb '24BrisAsia Festival Logo
Finals (1) | Sounds Across Oceans

BrisAsia Dance

Dance & Music / 2-day eventSat 17 - Sun 18 Feb '24BrisAsia Festival Logo
Copy Of Laneway Partea 11 | Sounds Across Oceans

BrisAsia ParTEA

Cuisine & CultureSat 10 Feb '24BrisAsia Festival Logo
Lush On Fish Lane 2 | Sounds Across Oceans

Lush on Fish Lane

Asian Street FestivalSat 3 Feb '24BrisAsia Festival Logo
Hero Image #1 Whose Language Is It Anyway | Sounds Across Oceans

Whose Language Is It Anyway

BrisAsia ComedyFri 9 - Sat 10 Feb '24BrisAsia Festival Logo
1290 X 775 Imaginasia Workshop Maithree | Sounds Across Oceans

Maithree: Friendship Through Music

Children & FamiliesSun 4 Feb '24BrisAsia Festival Logo
Soul Gazing Hero 2024 | Sounds Across Oceans

Soul Gazing: A Sonic Journey Through The Cosmic Skydome

Performing Arts - ScienceSun 18 Feb '24BrisAsia Festival Logo
Hanmaum Kpop Hero | Sounds Across Oceans

HANMAUM: KPOP Cover Showcase

Dance & MusicSat 17 Feb '24BrisAsia Festival Logo
1290 X 775 Awakening Event Banner | Sounds Across Oceans


Performing Arts - ScienceSat 10 Feb '24BrisAsia Festival Logo
1290 X 775 Imaginasia Workshop Crownicles | Sounds Across Oceans

Crow-nicles: The Adventures of the Common Crow

ImaginAsia | Storytelling for ChildrenSat 3 Feb '24BrisAsia Festival Logo
1290 X 775 Imaginasia Workshop Boomerang Banter | Sounds Across Oceans

Boomerang Banter: An Artistic Yarning

ImaginAsia – Children & Families Sat 10 Feb '24BrisAsia Festival Logo
Fillow Talk Hero | Sounds Across Oceans

Fillow Talk: Meet the Family

BrisAsia ComedySat 17 Feb '24BrisAsia Festival Logo
Brisasia Unites Hero 1 | Sounds Across Oceans

BrisAsia Unites: Lunar New Year Concert

Live Music / Street Theatre / Children's ActivitiesSun 11 Feb '24BrisAsia Festival Logo
Southside Dumpling Festival 1 | Sounds Across Oceans

Southside Dumpling Festival

Cuisine & CultureSun 4 Feb '24BrisAsia Festival Logo
Hero Image Credit Riku Case Creative Brisasia Summer Party | Sounds Across Oceans

Summer Party

Dance & MusicFri 16 Feb '24BrisAsia Festival Logo
World Kitchen | Sounds Across Oceans

World Kitchen BrisAsia

Food & CultureSun 18 Feb '24BrisAsia Festival Logo
Hero Image V2 | Sounds Across Oceans

BrisAsia Stands Up

BrisAsia ComedyFri 2 / 16 Feb '24 BrisAsia Festival Logo
Unbound Hues (Exhibition featuring artist Yin Lu)


Exhibition1 - 19 Feb '24BrisAsia Festival Logo
1290 X 775 Imaginasia Event Banner | Sounds Across Oceans


ImaginAsia | Children & Families3 / 4 / 10 / 11 Feb '24BrisAsia Festival Logo
1290 X 775 Imaginasia Workshop In Yo | Sounds Across Oceans

In Yo: Light and Shadow – Regional Folklore from Japan

ImaginAsia - Children & FamiliesSun 11 Feb '24BrisAsia Festival Logo
Metropolis Hero | Sounds Across Oceans


BrisAsia AfterpartySat 17 Feb '24BrisAsia Festival Logo