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Our programs & workshops are developed in a spirit of open minded collaboration.

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Supporting people from different cultures, backgrounds and disciplines to create together is one of the most rewarding experiences I have had as an artist. I feel this work is vital for the wellbeing of our society and an essential platform for self-discovery, communal understanding and the nurturing of important human values; respect, love, giving and sharing. Being part of this journey as an artist, program participant or supporter is a transformative choice. We all have gifts and capacities that can contribute to our evolving wellbeing. I sincerely hope readers can connect with us and we can start a dialogue around how we work together and help one another.

(Dr Anthony Garcia, co-founder/artistic director SAO)

Would you like to show your support for Sounds Across Oceans?

Tax deductible donations can be made via the festival’s Australian Cultural Fund platform. Your donation will assist with cost across a range of areas, including production, marketing & administration, and research & documentation.

We invite you to make a donation towards our non-profit to help assist with cost across a range of areas in our activities:

  • Production, marketing and administration costs (including research & documentation)
  • Festival projects that will employ over 20 artists, 12 arts workers, an assistant producer and documentary film maker.
  • Projects that will generate new music, musical forms & stories, multimode artworks, disseminate ancient wisdom and contemporary research.
  • Project that will support growth of a world class music festival that links artists from across cultures and genres with researchers, community leaders and the general public to develop and promote ideas and perspectives that will nurture our culture.