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Join our community of supporters to help bring The Ground Beneath Us to life!


The Ground Beneath Us (TGBU) is a project that supports the holistic integration of improvised music-making, intercultural collaboration, interdisciplinary practice, meditation and mindful arts practice, community engagement & participation and research advocacy designed to support the wellbeing of artists, provoke educational reform and through this enhance the wellbeing of the broader community. Dramatic and innovative interventions from the arts sector are required to combat an epidemic of stress, anxiety and mental health challenges poisoning our culture.


TGBU is designed specifically to speak to these issues through music. Through a philosophy of practice that builds bridges between diverse cultures and communities, generates platforms for cultural knowledge sharing and promotes healthy mindful arts practice across the community we aim to contribute to shifting perspectives around the purpose and role of music in our society.


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We invite you to make a tax deductible donation towards via the festival’s Australian Cultural Fund platform.


Your donation will assist with costs across a range of areas:

– Production, marketing and administration costs (including research & documentation).

– The project will employ over 20 artists, 12 arts workers, an assistant producer and documentary film maker.

– The project will generate new music, musical forms & stories, multimode artworks, disseminate ancient wisdom and contemporary research.

– The project will support growth of a world class music festival that links artists from across cultures and genres with researchers, community leaders and the general public to develop and promote ideas and perspectives that will nurture our culture.


We are grateful for all contributions, small and large.