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The Ground Beneath Us Festival 2024

Our Culture Evolving Through Sound

Beneath us pulses a sonic force that energises and shapes our lives.

The Ground Beneath Us brings together a diverse collective of artists to harness this force and explore new possibilities in sound.

Through improvised music, meditation and community discussion the festival provides a platform to share new music and fresh ideas around music and wellbeing.

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What’s On


Singing To The River Banner 2024 | Sounds Across Oceans

Singing to the River

Sonic Meditation28 May '23The Ground Beneath Us Logo
The Healing Power Of Music | Sounds Across Oceans

The Healing Power Of Music

2nd Annual Community ForumMay '23The Ground Beneath Us Logo
Oceans Of Love Banner 2024 | Sounds Across Oceans

Oceans Of Love

Live Music, Dance & Digital Art PerformanceMay '23The Ground Beneath Us Logo
Waves 1 | Sounds Across Oceans


Transcendental ImprovisationsMay '23The Ground Beneath Us Logo

About the Festival

Join our community of supporters to help bring The Ground Beneath Us to life! TGBU is a project that supports the holistic integration of improvised music-making, intercultural collaboration, interdisciplinary practice, meditation and mindful arts practice, community engagement & participation and research advocacy designed to support the wellbeing of artists, provoke educational reform and through this enhance the wellbeing of the broader community.

Dramatic and innovative interventions from the arts sector are required to combat an epidemic of stress, anxiety and mental health challenges poisoning our culture. The Ground Beneath Us is designed specifically to speak to these issues through music. Through a philosophy of practice that builds bridges between diverse cultures and communities, generates platforms for cultural knowledge sharing and promotes healthy mindful arts practice across the community we aim to contribute to shifting perspectives around the purpose and role of music in our society.


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Would you like to show your support for The Ground Beneath Us?

Tax deductible donations can be made via the festival’s Australian Cultural Fund platform. Your donation will assist with cost across a range of areas, including production, marketing & administration, and research & documentation.

We invite you to make a donation towards this festival to help assist with cost across a range of areas:

  • Production, marketing and administration costs (including research & documentation)
  • The project will employ over 20 artists, 12 arts workers, an assistant producer and documentary film maker.
  • The project will generate new music, musical forms & stories, multimode artworks, disseminate ancient wisdom and contemporary research.
  • The project will support growth of a world class music festival that links artists from across cultures and genres with researchers, community leaders and the general public to develop and promote ideas and perspectives that will nurture our culture.

Full Program

The Healing Power Of Music | Sounds Across Oceans
May '23
10:00am - 12:30pm
Ian Hanger Recital Hall, Queensland Conservatorium, South Bank
This community event will bring together artists, academics and creatives to share through sound and discussion ancient and contemporary perspectives on the role and purpose of music in our society.This year will shine a light on musicians’ mental health as we hear intimate personal stories of healing through music, research on artists wellbeing, as well as ideas for how we can promote a broader definition of music—one that brings the practicing musician into the centre of discussions around community wellbeing, educational reform and cultural innovation.The 21st Century musician is connected to many diverse traditions and cultures, providing them with the...
Oceans Of Love | Sounds Across Oceans
May '23
7:30pm - 9:00pm
SunPAC Theatre, 470 McCullough St, Sunnybank
Oceans of Love is an immersive concert experience combining live music, dance, digital art and poetry. This sensorial provocation explores our disconnection from nature and one another and maps a path from fear to bliss and fearlessness.Curated by acclaimed guitarist/composer Dr Anthony Garcia the concert will feature renowned musician Linsey Pollak, Indian Fusion singer Menaka, Chinese folk singer Zi Wang, cellist Dr Danielle Bentley, koto master Takako Haggarty Nishibori, percussionist Tunji Beier, DJ and tabla performer Saie Ishan Chand, Mohiniattam dancer Bindu Rajendren and contemporary dancer Denise Comba.Experience a hypnotic fusion of sound, movement and vision blending elements of traditional...
Waves | Sounds Across Oceans
May '23
4:00pm - 6:00pm
BEMAC, 102 Main St, Kangaroo Point
Waves is a rare concert experience featuring master improvisers from diverse cultures and traditions exploring improvised sound-making through traditional and contemporary forms. The program will morph between solos, duos and larger group improvisations culminating in a transcendental cascade of sound that defies categorisation.The concert will showcase the amazing sound artistry of Shenzo Gregorio (violin, guitar, bass), Chiho Kagawa (Armonica), Sandra Real (Latin Harp), Lachlan Hawkins (hand pan, drums), Hannah Macklin (voice) and Dr Anthony Garcia (guitars) who will work with a selection of emerging artists discovered through BEMAC’s new Improvisessions program.
Singing To The River | Sounds Across Oceans
28 May '23
8am – 10am
Newstead Park, Rotunda, Area 3
Singing to the River is a sonic meditation set by the banks of the Brisbane River at Newstead Park.This ritual musical experience will be led by Indian fusion singer, yoga & meditation teacher Menaka and supported by First Nations artist and didgeridoo player Glenn Barry, percussionist Tsoof Barras and keyboard player Meg Burstow.The program will include guided meditations, sound healing and group chanting. A spiritually inspiring experience for all ages, Singing to the River is an interactive and uplifting program designed to support harmony and belonging.