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Oceans Of Love

Live Music, Dance & Digital Art Performance
Oceans Of Love | Sounds Across Oceans

Oceans of Love is an immersive concert experience combining live music, dance, digital art and poetry. This sensorial provocation explores our disconnection from nature and one another and maps a path from fear to bliss and fearlessness.

Curated by acclaimed guitarist/composer Dr Anthony Garcia the concert will feature renowned musician Linsey Pollak, Indian Fusion singer Menaka, Chinese folk singer Zi Wang, cellist Dr Danielle Bentley, koto master Takako Haggarty Nishibori, percussionist Tunji Beier, DJ and tabla performer Saie Ishan Chand, Mohiniattam dancer Bindu Rajendren and contemporary dancer Denise Comba.

Experience a hypnotic fusion of sound, movement and vision blending elements of traditional folk song and chant, improvisation, traditional and contemporary dance and spoken word poetry.

Bring friends, family and loved ones to experience the healing power of live music and dance.