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The Healing Power Of Music

2nd Annual Community Forum
The Healing Power Of Music | Sounds Across Oceans

This community event will bring together artists, academics and creatives to share through sound and discussion ancient and contemporary perspectives on the role and purpose of music in our society.

This year will shine a light on musicians’ mental health as we hear intimate personal stories of healing through music, research on artists wellbeing, as well as ideas for how we can promote a broader definition of music—one that brings the practicing musician into the centre of discussions around community wellbeing, educational reform and cultural innovation.

The 21st Century musician is connected to many diverse traditions and cultures, providing them with the tools to bring people together, share cultural knowledge and wisdom through sound and promote healing and understanding.


  • Associate Professor Melissa Forbes (University of Southern Qld)
  • Chiho Kagawa (artist, sound healer)
  • Lachlan Hawkins (artists, educator)
  • Henry Kafoa (PhD candidate Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith University)
  • Associate Professor Tim Munro (Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith University)
  • Dr Anthony Garcia (Co-founder Artistic Director Sounds Across Oceans)